Most common questions to get you started.

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Common questions
How does the free manual transciption work?

The free manual function helps you speed up your "traditional" transcriptions, listening and writing word by word. Our easy shortcuts allow you to stop and replay your audio more easily, without taking your hands off the keyboard.

How does the automatic transcription work?

The automatic transcription works by uploading an audio file and waiting a couple of minutes for it to be processed and delivered back to you as a text.

In case of particular words or proper names, it's possible to insert these key words before starting the transcription, to help the system recognize them correctly.

The words recognized as "possibly inaccurate" by the system are highlited in bold, to make it easier for the user to listen and correct them, directly on our text editor.

The document can then be exported and downloaded.

How accurate are the automatic transcriptions?

Usually the system recognizes with 100% accuracy about 90/95% of the words. Depending on the language, accent, pitch and audio quality, this number can vary drastically.

Automatic transcriptions still need to be quickly reviewed by the user: at the moment ther isn't any artificial intelligence capable of transcribing with perfect accuracy.

What languages are available for automatic transcriptions?

The 31 available languages are:

  1. Gulf Arabic
  2. Modern Standard Arabic
  3. Chinese Mandarin
  4. Dutch
  5. Australian English
  6. British English
  7. Indian English
  8. Irish English
  9. Scottish English
  10. US English
  11. Welsh English
  12. Spanish
  13. US Spanish
  14. French
  15. Canadian French
  16. Farsi
  17. German
  18. Swiss German
  19. Hebrew
  20. Indian Hindi
  21. Indonesian
  22. Italian
  23. Japanese
  24. Korean
  25. Malay
  26. Portuguese
  27. Brazilian Portuguese
  28. Russian
  29. Tamil
  30. Telugu
  31. Turkish
How much time does an automatic transcription save me?

About 60-70%:

The average person pronounces around 120 words per minute, while only being able to type 40 per minute.

This means that transcribing a 1 hour long audio file, without considering pauses, typing errors and tendinitis, takes at least 3 hours of work; taking into account all these other variables, it's safe to assume the normal user would spend about 4-5 hours.

An hour long audio gets processed by Scriba in about 15 minutes.

Playing back the audio while reviewing it, takes 75-90 minutes.

For a 1 hour long transcription, Scriba will likely save at least 2 and a half hours of work.

Why can't I find a free automatic transcription service?

Automatic transcriptions are based on artificial intelligence services that need long "training" times and a lot of resources, both for development and normal operations.

The system in use was not developed by Scriba and is subjected to fixed costs that can not be avoided.

Why should I pay for an automatic transcription if I still have to work on it and correct any errors?

Manual transcriptions take way too much time, this is why a professional transcriber will ask for 40-50 dollars per hour.

Since Scriba saves two and a half hours every hour of transcription, 5 dollars on Scriba save about 25 dollars of human work.

And with the time saved, you can invest those 25 dollars in beers.

What should I do if the automatic transcription doesn't satisfy me?

Because of the fixed costs we're subjected to, we cannot guarantee a refund.

Users are welcome to contact our support at the mail address support@yourscriba.com in case of any problem regarding the quality of a transcription.

What determines the price of an automatic transcription?

The price of an automatic transcription is determined by the duration of the selected audio file.

Hour packs allow you to buy multiple hours of transcription in advance with an increased discount, saving on the final price.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

Technical questions
What audio/video formats can I transcribe from?

Our transcriptions support all the following video and audio formats:


If a video file is selected,you can watch it during the review of the document.

Our manual transcription also supports external links such as YouTube and Vimeo.

In case an audio format isn't working, please contact us at support@yourscriba.com

What's the maximum size of the audio file I can transcribe?

Audio files cannot be over 4 hours long or 1GB. In case of bigger files, the user must cut the file in different parts.

How do I cut an audio file?

In order to cut an audio file, an external program is required. We recommend Audacity, as it's free and open source. Scriba isn't in any way affiliated to Audacity and doesn't take any responsibility about it.

How can I extract the audio track from a video file?

In order to extract the audio track from a video file, an external program is required. We recommend Audacity, as it's free and open source. Scriba isn't in any way affiliated to Audacity and doesn't take any responsibility about it.

Can I buy more than one transcription at a time?

Yes, you can.

You can either buy a single transcription or buy multiple hours in bulk, with an increased discount.

When you start an automatic transcription, you can choose between using your existing account balance or buying that specific transcription.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

How do I pay?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express payments through the Stripe platform, which guarantees the safety of your data.

Are transcriptions stored forever on Scriba?

Every text document created and saved is stored forever on Scriba and is accessible by the user from any device, once logged in.

Text documents are saved in real time, there's no need to worry about saving manually.

Free manual transcriptions require the user to select the audio file from the local device every time the document is opened, since it's not stored on our cloud to save upload times and keep this service free.

Automatic transcriptions only require the user to upload the audio file once, and it is then stored on our cloud forever, making it possible to work on any project from any device.

If a video file was used to create an automatic transcription, the video will only be accessible for 6 months after the creation of the document. After those 6 months, an audio file will replace the video source.

How does the custom dictionary work?

The artificial intelligence we're using is "trained" in a way that allows it to recognize very easily most common words based on their pronunciation.

In some cases, this pronunciation can change or can even be associated to more than one word.

Users can help the system choose between these words by typing some possible key words in the popup when creating a new automatic transcription.

The key words need to be separated by a comma.

How do I delete my account and data?

It's possible to delete your account and linked data from the "profile" page, accessible from the top right corner of every page.

How do I access the data Scriba keeps about me?

Please contact us at support@yourscriba.com

Who can access my documents and audio files stored on Scriba?

Only the authorized personnel in case of a user request.

More info
Why did you develop Scriba?

We had to follow our university lessons online (which was boring and tedious), and figured it would be easier to split the work and transcribe one lesson each.

We noticed it took way too long and tried to find a better and easier way to use technology to speed up the process, but we were not satisfacted. So we made one.

You could say that we spent six months creating a whole site in order to save three hours of transcription work.

What does Scriba mean and what does the logo represent?

Scriba is the Latin word for scribe, the guy who transcribed what pharaohs said in ancient Egypt.

Our logo is an ibis, which represents the Egyptian god Thot, protector of scribes.

Why are you obsessed with alcohol?

We come from Veneto, an Italian region where drinking is like a religion. We want to honor our traditions.

Are you hiring?

No we're too broke to hire anybody, sorry lol.

Who made your homepage illustrations?

Homepage illustrations were made by Delesign Graphics, from Iconscout.

Illustration 1

Illustration 2

Who made your logo?

Our logo was made by Riccardo Galla