Scriba transcribes.
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Automatic and manual transcriptions for students and professionals.

1.What is Scriba

Scriba offers two different services: you choose the one that best suits your needs.
manual editor
Manual Editor
Take advantage of the editor and keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work.
automatic editor
Automatic Transcriptions
Our AI transcribes, you review and correct.

2.Where do we start?

Everything you need to know before you start transcribing.
Supported formats
All audio and video formats. Youtube links for manual transcriptions only.
Manual Auto
More than 30 languages ​​to transcribe from.
Specific vocabulary
Customize your specific vocabulary to improve the accuracy of your transcription.
Fast delivery
Receive your transcript in ~20 minutes for a 1 hour audio.

Let's start!

The first 10 minutes are on us


Discover the features of our text editor and save up to 70% of your time.
Rich editor
Format your transcripts directly in the Scriba editor.
Manual Auto
rich editor
handy shortcuts
Manage your audio playback with keyboard shortcuts, without stopping typing.
Manual Auto
Video Preview
Watch the videos you transcribe from the same page you work on.
Manual Auto
video preview
Audio-Text synchronization
The words stand out as you listen to them, so you never lose your mark.
Ctrl Click on the text to rewind the audio to that exact point.


Choose what to do with your completed transcripts.
Download your documents
Export to .PDF, .DOC, .TXT or .MD
Keep them on Scriba
Keep your documents on our storage.

5.Start now!

The first 10 minutes are on us


How does the automatic transcription work?

The free manual function helps you speed up your "traditional" transcriptions, listening and writing word by word. Our easy shortcuts allow you to stop and replay your audio more easily, without taking your hands off the keyboard.

How does the automatic transcription work?

The automatic transcription works by uploading an audio file and waiting a couple of minutes for it to be processed and delivered back to you as a text.

In case of particular words or proper names, it's possible to insert these key words before starting the transcription, to help the system recognize them correctly.

The words recognized as "possibly inaccurate" by the system are highlited in bold, to make it easier for the user to listen and correct them, directly on our text editor.

The document can then be exported and downloaded.

How accurate are the automatic transcriptions?

Usually the system recognizes with 100% accuracy about 90/95% of the words. Depending on the language, accent, pitch and audio quality, this number can vary drastically.

Automatic transcriptions still need to be quickly reviewed by the user: at the moment ther isn't any artificial intelligence capable of transcribing with perfect accuracy.

What determines the price of an automatic transcription?

The price of an automatic transcription is determined by the duration of the selected audio file.

Hour packs allow you to buy multiple hours of transcription in advance with an increased discount, saving on the final price.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

What languages are available for automatic transcriptions?

The 31 available languages are:

  1. Gulf Arabic
  2. Modern Standard Arabic
  3. Chinese Mandarin
  4. Dutch
  5. Australian English
  6. British English
  7. Indian English
  8. Irish English
  9. Scottish English
  10. US English
  11. Welsh English
  12. Spanish
  13. US Spanish
  14. French
  15. Canadian French
  16. Farsi
  17. German
  18. Swiss German
  19. Hebrew
  20. Indian Hindi
  21. Indonesian
  22. Italian
  23. Japanese
  24. Korean
  25. Malay
  26. Portuguese
  27. Brazilian Portuguese
  28. Russian
  29. Tamil
  30. Telugu
  31. Turkish